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Deana Angelina is a Feng Shui and homestaging consultant who is known for her deep, intuitive sense about people and their spaces. Her unique style of decor and design, combined with decades of study of the physical and spiritual arts of Feng Shui enable her to help people beautifully create their own personally styled spaces while facilitating optimal harmonious balance.

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of combining design, decor, Earth science and metaphysics and applying them to the spaces we inhabit in order to optimize the energy that flows through them. When a home, office or property has “good Feng Shui”, the inhabitants experience peace, better health, enhanced relationships, and greater success. Real estate agents are quickly realizing that homes that have been “Feng Shui’d” have broader appeal and sell more quickly than those that have not. Feng Shui is a major key to removing stagnation and other issues in our lives and to moving forward in a positive, more appropriate direction. Feng Shui crossed the globe to the West in the 1970s with the late Grandmaster Lin Yun, who shared the teachings of this ancient art, and translated them into an applicable system that fits effortlessly into modern Western lifestyle. Feng Shui can easily be applied to any style of decor and produce optimum results. You CAN have Feng Shui YOUR way!

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  • The oversized mirror reflects the view of sea, drawing in and doubling the power of the Water element, considered in Feng Shui to be the ruler of the career area of a space.


“I highly recommend Deana to be your Feng Shui consultant! She is truly gifted in her abilities to be sensitive to your situation, as well as recommending beautiful yet powerful design solutions for your home or office. Deana’s level of detail will empower you to help you towards the next step in your life’s journey.”
MASTER RD CHIN, Feng Shui Architect, and Author of FENG SHUI REVEALED

“Both highly intuitive and extremely well trained, Deana is a wonderful Feng Shui consultant. I hadn’t given her any details about my reasons for wanting a consult, yet almost as soon as she walked into my house, she was able to zoom right in on my concern. Her evaluation of both the property and the house were spot on and she had a wealth of Feng Shui information and suggestions which have made quite a difference in my life. I recommend her highly!”
– Elizabeth Casey

“I highly recommend Deana as a Feng Shui consultant. She arranged and decorated my psychotherapy office with acute sensitivity and an uncanny insight into the needs of myself and my patients. My patient base tripled that year and my practice has continued to grow and thrive.”
— Rina A.

“My clients and I love my massage therapy office. I feel at peace when I work and everyone who walks through the door comments on how beautiful the room is. I have a client who told me that between our appointments when she’s under stress she imagines herself in this room because it’s where she feels the most relaxed.”
— Diane B

“I’d just started a new job when I hired Deana to decorate my new post-divorce “bachelor pad”, a small two bedroom basement apartment. She explained to me that she’d be decorating the place from a “Feng Shui perspective”. I had no idea what she was talking about, nor did I fully understand it when she explained it to me, but I trusted her as she’d come highly recommended. All I know is, the place looked amazing, decorated exactly to my taste, and in less than a year, I was given a promotion at my job, moved out of the apartment, got married and bought a house. I have come to the conclusion that whatever Feng Shui is, it works!”
— Jim M.

“Deana taught me that to clear the clutter in my home is to clear the clutter of my mind and my life. Being a single working mother of two teenagers, my home was always in disarray. Deana understood us, and helped give each of us a personalized bedroom retreat. As a sidenote, my relationship with my son significantly improved after Deana “Feng Shui’d” our place. I am so grateful. My home is a more beautiful environment to live in now, as well as a happier, more peaceful place to be.”
— Mikaela S.

“My childhood home sat on the market for almost a year after my parents vacated. I was frustrated as we’d received no offers, even though I felt the price we were asking was more than fair for the neighborhood and it’s condition. I called Deana on the recommendation of a friend. She came by and gave me some great ideas on sprucing up the outside of the house, as well as some suggestions on making the inside of the home fresher and more attractive to buyers. These were really simple ideas that I just never would have thought of. We began to receive offers on the home almost immediately, and sold the home for more than the asking price. I highly recommend Deana as a home staging consultant.”
— Greg A.

“I was recently widowed and having difficulty selling my home. It sat on the market for months with no interest whatsoever. I hired Deana as a homestaging consultant, and within two weeks of having implemented her suggestions I had two offers on my house, it sold easily, and I recouped MORE than what I’d spent on the recommended updates! Deana was then invaluable in helping me to Feng Shui and decorate my new apartment. Deana was so insightful in deciding the placement of my husband’s paintings (he was an artist by profession) and other special things in my new home. I feel much happier here now, and excited about my new life. I absolutely recommend Deana as a Feng Shui and homestaging consultant.”
— Agnes C.


Deana Angelina, a native of Long Island, New York, has been a successful professional Feng Shui consultant for over 20 years. Her projects have ranged from dorm rooms and urban apartment dwellings to suburban and rural homes and professional offices. Deana is also a successful home staging consultant for real estate sales. Deana has over 25 years experience in the art of Space Clearing and interpreting the I CHING. Since 2010, Deana has been under the mentorship of Master RD Chin, Feng Shui Architect, author of FENG SHUI REVEALED, and himself a student of the late Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun. Deana is a highly respected graduate of Master Chin’s inaugural Certification of Feng Shui Studies Intensive Program 2010. Deana has been a Professional Member of The International Feng Shui Guild since 2010.

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